Parade(on film)



The worlds of digital and analog collide in this parade of images. It incorporates automatism, which was a key concept in Surrealism, into a digital structure. The visual output has been rendered as analog photographs on the ceiling lights, creating the effect of light boxes.

*Automatism removes conscious control from the creation process, freeing the unconscious mind.

Material : LED light on 108 sheets of positive color film
Technique : Automatism digital graphics by MAX programming language, after analog photography with reversal film (Photography : Akira Sekiguchi). Mounted on slides.
Assistance : Ota Photo Studio (Maebashi)

※The work is located inside the elevator of the Heritage Tower.



Kenzo Onoda
1961 Born in Maebashi City, Gunma
He studied at Osaka University of Arts, Department of Art Planning, majoring in acoustics, but did not complete his degree.
Worked as an engineer at Japanese telecommunications and research company NTT Group for many years, before taking up artwork in his 40s.
Onoda’s works reflect his technical knowledge and experience of sound and computer systems.
Describing his work as “minimalism,” Onoda’s works, which question various human perceptions using a minimum of sound and color movement, show the influence of avant-garde composer and visual artist John Cage (1912–1992).

Major Exhibitions
“PARKHAUS” Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Germany
“Stillness into Color: Inframince of Moonlight” Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art, Chiba,
Arts Maebashi Opening Commemorative Exhibition “Kazeiro no Hana – Dialogue to the Future” Arts Maebashi, Maebashi, Gunma
Solo exhibition “Tokyo Hotel” gallery COEXIST-TOKYO, Tokyo
Solo exhibition “Here, There and Everywhere” Dimensions Art Center, China