Savor Gunma’s ingredients and rich culinary culture as you indulge your senses at our two dining venues. Embark on a culinary exploration at our fine dining venue the RESTAURANT or enjoy casual cuisine at the LOUNGE.




Enjoy the flavors of local heritage ingredients at the RESTAURANT, a chic dining space with an open kitchen that blends into the hotel’s atrium. The innovative restaurant has been listed in the international gastronomic guide Gault & Millau for three consecutive years. The team is led by Gunma-born chef Hiro Katayama and sommelier Yoshimitsu Kojima, who have experience at renowned restaurants in Japan and abroad, including the two-Michelin-starred Florilege. The seasonal tasting menu is a modern interpretation of “Joshu Cuisine,” the traditional name for Gunma’s terroir. The team works closely with local producers to bring the best of Gunma’s wealth of natural ingredients to the table. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic pairing menus are carefully designed to enhance the flavors of each dish.

Chef’s Choice Course
Chef’s Choice Course
Chef’s Choice Course

Chef’s Choice Course

Beginning with the signature dish “Okkirikomi,” which recreates Gunma’s treasured local dish from a unique perspective, Chef Katayama, well-versed in French haute cuisine, combines his love for Gunma’s fresh ingredients and culinary traditions with an innovative approach. We offer a 10-course tasting menu weaving tradition and innovation, where each dish reflects the local climate and culture as it changes with the seasons.

Drink Pairing Menus
Drink Pairing Menus
Drink Pairing Menus

Drink Pairing Menus

Drink pairings curated by sommelier Yoshimitsu Kojima enhance the dining experience with a diverse selection of drinks. From wine and local sake to sodas and fermented beverages made with local ingredients, to non-alcoholic options that evoke the essence of wine, Kojima’s extensive research ensures a harmonious complement to your meal.

Open Kitchen

Open Kitchen

The space, comprising 14 counter seats encircling the kitchen, is crafted from natural materials including earth, stone, wood, and iron. The counter itself, fashioned from “earth,” is intentionally uneven and rough, featuring hues and cracks that evoke the raw beauty of nature. This design concept symbolizes the notion that new dishes will metaphorically “bloom” from the dry earth, fostering a connection between the culinary creations and their organic origins.



Katayama was born in Gunma but launched his career at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. After training at prestigious restaurants in Tokyo and across France, Katayama opened his own restaurant in Gunma. He was later offered the opportunity to bring Joshu (Gunma) cuisine to a wider audience by joining the SHIROIYA HOTEL project. In preparation for his role, he spent 14 months working with chef Hiroyasu Kawate at Florilège in Tokyo and other renowned restaurants in Japan and overseas.



Born in Gunma Prefecture. After working as a sommelier and floor manager at the acclaimed restaurant "Brasserie Holoholo" in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo, Kojima joined the Michelin 2-star restaurant "Florilege" of owner-chef Hiroyasu Kawate to enhance his ability to be the expert in drink pairing. He also worked as an advisor in the drink development of famous restaurants in Japan.Certified "Sommelier" and "J.S.A. SAKE DIPLMA" holder by Japan Sommelier Association.

Hiroyasu Kawate

Hiroyasu Kawate

As the owner-chef of Michelin-starred French restaurant Florilège in Tokyo, Kawate credits his father, also a chef, as the inspiration to enter the culinary world. After working at various prestigious restaurants in Tokyo such as Le Bourguignon, he flew to France to further his training at a Michelin-starred restaurant. On his return, Kawate became the sous-chef at Quintessence, a Michelin three-star Japanese-French fusion restaurant in Tokyo before he opened his restaurant Florilège in 2009. He relocated the restaurant to Aoyama in 2015 and to Azabudai Hills in 2023. Florilège has been selected as one of The World's 50 Best Restaurants and Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants and has been awarded two Michelin stars.



Friday, Saturday & the day before Holiday
[17:00-19:30 / 20:00-22:30]
Monday – Thursday & Holiday
[18:00-22:00 (Last Entry 19:30)

Heritage Tower 1F, SHIROIYA HOTEL
+81 (0)27-231-4618


Do I need to make a reservation?

Please make a reservation by 10:00 a.m. on the day of your stay.

What is the dress code?

Please wear smart casual attire.
Please refrain from wearing sportswear, running gear, flip-flops, slippers, etc.

Can I bring my child(ren)? Do you have a children's menu?

Except for private parties, children must be 13 years of age or older to visit our restaurant.
If you have children under the age of 13, we have a semi-private room (maximum 6 people).
A children's menu is also available, please inquire separately.

Do you have parking?

We do not have a dedicated parking lot, so please use nearby parking lots. Ask our staff for more information.

Do you have handicapped accessible restrooms?

Yes, we do. Wheelchairs are also available, so please inquire separately.

Is there a non-smoking section in the restaurant?

All seating is non-smoking.

What if there are foods I dislike or am allergic to?

Please let us know by phone or online and we will be happy to suggest alternative ingredients.

Can I take photographs at the restaurant?

It is fine to take pictures for personal use. Please be careful not to use a flash so as not to disturb the surrounding guests.
Please refrain from using tripods, selfie sticks, or other items that disturb the atmosphere or interfere with service.
If the purpose of the photo shoot is not for personal use (corporate PR, sales promotion tools, etc.), please consult with the hotel staff.

Is it possible to book the whole restaurant for private use?

Yes, it is possible. Please inquire separately.



Signature Gunma Breakfast
Signature Gunma Breakfast
Signature Gunma Breakfast

Signature Gunma Breakfast

Indulge in our “Gunma Breakfast,” and enjoy the flavors of Joshu cuisine served under the iconic atrium of the Shiroiya Hotel. With a selection of 10 vibrant dishes that embody the essence of Gunma, accompanied by your choice of rice & miso soup or bread & soup, our delicious and healthy breakfast is the ideal way to start your day.

Lunch &
Afternoon Tea


*Also available to non-guests.



Enjoy lunch surrounded by greenery and art in a contemporary space that is illuminated by the soft light of the atrium skylight. The menu includes casual dishes such as the "Shiroiya Burger,” made with a 100% Akagi beef patty. Set menus are available that include salad and soup.


Afternoon Tea

Enjoy a leisurely afternoon with an elegant afternoon tea created by Miya Enmeiji, the owner and pastry chef of the popular dessert salon EMME in Aoyama, Tokyo. Delight in a selection of sweets featuring seasonal fruits, and savory dishes made with bread from the BAKERY. The all-you-can-drink tea includes selections from Ronnefeldt, a historic German tea brand.