Enjoy a contemplative serving of tea in a historic tea room
tucked away behind the Shiroiya Hotel

Expand your sensibilities with this special tea ceremony experience.
Put aside the tumult of modern life and rediscover your inner self to the sound of boiling water bubbling in the kettle amid tranquility.

Tea ceremony experience (overnight guests only)

In the heart of Maebashi—but invisible from the street outside—stands a hidden tea room. The history within its walls is palpable.
Learn the history of the tea ceremony and how it is practiced, enjoy traditionally prepared tea with Japanese sweets, and even try preparing a cup yourself.
Let the time outside pass by as you enjoy a timeless moment face-to-face with a cup of tea.

Note: The tea room used is named “Shungetsu” (Spring Moon). It was built by Harue Sekine, last proprietor of the former Shiroiya Ryokan, before being transferred to its current location.


Dates Let us know your preferred tour date
Time Block 1: 10:00 AM–12:00 noon
Block 2: 1:00 PM–3:00 PM
Block 3: 3:00 PM–5:00 PM
Instructors Shiroiya Hotel tea ceremony instructors

•Naoko Sona Tsuchida: Associate Instructor of the Dainihon-Chado-Gakkai Instructor / Urasenke School Tea Ceremony Instructor / Urasenke International Association member
•Kisen Kanazawa: Dainihon-Chado-Gakkai Instructor
A fourth-generation tea master in a line founded by his great-grandfather

* On some dates, session may be led by different instructors
Pricing ¥10,000 per group (1 to 5 people)
Venue Tea room located on the premises of the Shiroiya Hotel
Note As you will remove your shoes, please be sure to wear socks
Payment method Please pay at the front desk of the Shiroiya Hotel on the day.
Reservation deadline One week before requested date
Cancellation policy •1 week before date: 30%
•2 days before date: 50%
•Same day: 100%
Making your reservation Contact us using the CONTACT button below
(Please note that your preferred date may not be available)

Preventing the spread of the coronavirus

Shiroiya Hotel is currently implementing measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection: alcohol disinfection, social distancing, and ventilation. In addition to checking the health status of employees, we request the guests wear masks, monitor their temperature, sanitize with alcohol, and check their current health status to ensure their safety and well-being.
Please refrain from visiting if you are unsure of your health status on the day of your stay. We greatly appreciate your understanding.
We kindly ask for your cooperation in wearing a mask during the tea ceremony experience activity, except when eating and drinking.

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