Enjoy a unique kimono experience at the Shiroiya Hotel,
where the past meets the future

Visit a traditional Japanese room transferred from the former Shiroiya Ryokan and enjoy the unique experience of wearing a one-of-a-kind tweed kimono styled and designed by kimono artist Sumire Ishioka

Tweed kimono experience (overnight guests only)

This special activity, exclusively for Shiroiya Hotel guests, lets you explore the townscapes of Maebashi in a tweed kimono created by preeminent woven and tweed kimono artist Sumire Ishioka.
Experience the wonder of wearing a kimono that is one of a kind in all the world in a location with 300 years of history. Enfolded in a work of art, you’ll feel as if you have traveled back in time—or perhaps skipped forward into the near future. A mysterious and delightful experience taking kimono beyond traditional Japanese culture into the realm of contemporary art.


Dates Let us know your preferred activity date
Times Block 1: 11:00 AM–4:00 PM
Block 2: 3:00 PM–7:00 PM
•Dressing in kimono begins at start of block (11:00 AM or 3:00 PM, so please be sure to arrive on time.
•Please return to hotel by 30 minutes before the end of your block (3:30 PM or 6:30 PM) so that staff can help you change out of and return your kimono and accessories.
Instructors - Sumire Ishioka (SUMIRE ISHIOKA): Kimono artist/textile designer
- Kanna Kuwabara (SUMIRE ISHOKA): Kimono sewer and stylist
Pricing ¥33,000 per guest
•Groups of up to three guests can be accommodated
•Guests may select styling and coordinates from sets prepared in advance (specific stylings or customizations not available)
Payment method Please pay at the Shiroiya Hotel front desk on the day of the experience
Reservation deadline 1 week before
Cancellation policy •1 week before date: 30%
•2 days before date: 50%
•Same day: 100%
Making your reservation Contact us using the CONTACT button below
(Please note that your preferred date may not be available)
When making a reservation, your height and waist, hip, and shoe measurements are required to prepare appropriate kimono and accessories in advance.


Born and raised in Japan with its four distinct seasons, Sumire Ishioka spent her childhood close to nature, surrounded by the country’s flora and fauna. She took a strong interest in patterns, designs, and colors from an early age, and the experiences of her youth combined to form a distinct aesthetic sensibility. She became bewitched by textiles and weaving, and soon discovered the expressive possibilities of tweed. After high school, she entered a kimono college where she came to think of kimono as “sewn art” and exhibit her creations as a student. After graduating from college, began exhibiting works in New York, Paris, and Los Angeles as well as throughout Japan, focusing chiefly on tweed kimono.

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