The city of Maebashi is on the start line of a significant transformation. We are beginning to see many signs of positive change occurring throughout the city in line with Maebashi's newly established motto, "Where Good Things Grow." The formerly nearly-empty city center is now being revitalized with new shops and community spaces. Many people are beginning to make a change by taking on different challenges. SHIROIYA HOTEL is proud to be a leading establishment supporting those efforts. We vow to become a key contributor to a more globalized Maebashi by establishing a place where local people and travelers gather and interact. By building a new art and food culture, we hope to contribute to the city's revitalization.


2-2-15 Honmachi, Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture

+81 27 231 4618


CEO Ko Yamura


We are recruiting new full-time and part-time staff. Applicants of all ages, gender and nationalities are welcome to apply for our open positions.

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