ある夜の旅 / One night journey

前橋 2013 / Maebashi 2013

バンコク 2004 / Bangkok 2004

前橋市 / Maebashi City,

1963年東京生まれ。現在、ミラノと東京を拠点に活動。多摩美術大学卒業後にイタリア政府給費奨学生として渡伊。ポーラアート財団の研究奨学金を得てミラノ・ブレラ美術アカデミーを修了。2008年には、文化庁在外研修員としてニューヨークに滞在。水戸芸術館、広島市現代美術館、イタリアのペッチ現代美術館、ボローニャ近代美術館、オーストラリアのシドニー現代美術館など世界各地で展覧会多数参加。2020年にアーツ前橋で個展「廣瀬智央 地球はレモンのように青い」を開催した。



Satoshi Hirose was born in Tokyo in 1963. He is currently based in Milan and Tokyo. After graduating from Tama Art University, he received a scholarship from the Italian government and moved to Italy. He completed his studies at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan with a research grant from the Pola Art Foundation. In 2008, he lived in New York as an overseas trainee with Japan’s Agency for Cultural Affairs. He has exhibited in many major museums, including Art Tower Mito, the Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, the Center for Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci, the Bologna Modern Art Museum, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney. In 2020, he held the solo exhibition HIROSE Satoshi: The Earth is Blue Like a Lemon at Arts Maebashi.

Hirose is known for using everyday objects such as beans and pasta as materials for poetic representation of contradictory yet coexisting elements, such as wealth and poverty, the artificial and the natural, and micro and macro.
He has received high praise within Japan and around the world for the way his work consistently addresses the richness within daily life’s trivialities and the latent commonalities and differences between ethnicities and cultures. His work is also notable for its frequent appeal to senses other than the visual, such as smell and taste.
The work installed in this corridor, Maebashi City, is a metal plate cut in the shape of Maebashi city as it is today and then reversed. The act of reversal is a simple one, but it evokes the idea of being on the other side of the globe, creating a unique perspective from which Maebashi supports the Earth.

For One night journey, Hirose chose images of the transition of the day, such as sunrises or sunsets, from archives of magazines he has collected over the past fifteen years, and photographed the pages with a digital camera. The photographs were cut into squares, retouched into blue monotone like cyanotypes, then printed in pure pigment print, which preserves rich colours and imparts a velvet-like texture. The resulting ambiguous, out-of-focus images blur the border between day and night, real and fiction, recalling cities visited in the past or scenery from a dream.
Your sky, My sky: sky project for Arts Maebashi uses the rooftop sign of Arts Maebashi, which can be seen through the window. By photographing the skies above them, Milan-based Hirose and children from maternal and child living support facilities in Maebashi created a shared diary of the sky.Your sky, My sky is an ongoing project which has been active for 19 years in collaboration with the mothers and children of House of Hope.